Behind The Photo: San Francisco Bay Bridge Rainbow

Lisa Bettany, a professional photographer based in San Fransisco, wrote an interesting article about how she shot and processed a stunning rainbow photo. Even though the picture she got right out of the camera looked great, she was able to use Lightroom and Photoshop to make it really pop. Here’s what she did: After she […]

Canvas Print Photos: The Best Way To Transform Your Home

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If you want to alter the way your home looks and want to ensure that your previous memories stay fresh in your mind, all your life, you can have various types of photos transformed into canvas prints. Some of the photos which can be converted into canvas prints and which can change the look of […]

Photography Tips – 7 Tips To Make Your Photos Stand Out

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Sometimes very small changes can have a huge effect on the outcome. This is especially true for photography and I’m just about to share seven of the most powerful photography tips there are. #1 – Take the photo from the subject’s eye level It’s so easy to just take a picture from a standing position, […]